Purpose of a GREAT Neighborhood

The purpose of a GREAT Neighborhood is to create a community of connected lives transformed by God's grace and love and to establish a place where relationships between neighbors create opportunities to express that grace and love through service, outreach and experience of good news of the Jesus.  This purpose is motivated by twelve life principles found in the Bible:  (1) Being a Neighbor; (2) Creation Stewardship; (3) Seeking Wholenesss; (4) Embodying God's Love; (5) Call to Reconciliation; (6) Celebrating Freedom; (7) In Community; (8) Sharing Hope; (9) Living Humbly; (10) Generosity To Others; (11) Compassion for the Poor; (12) Just and Equitable Relationships.

Being a Neighbor. GREAT Neighborhoods are places where neighbors love their neighbors as themselves. They create local and coordinated expressions of God’s healing and new life. GREAT Neighborhoods are outwardly-focused places seeking to bring the truth of God's love to the surrounding community. 

Creation Stewardship. GREAT Neighborhoods live out the reality that everything is God’s. They are places to encourage balance of work and care of God’s creation. GREAT Neighborhoods actively restore the brokenness of creation. 

Seeking Wholenesss. GREAT Neighborhoods  create localized ministries identifying with and meeting the needs of the world. They create places that encourages God’s people live out transformed lives for God. GREAT Neighborhoods live out the peace and shalom wholeness of the God for the world in everyday lives. 

Embodying God's Love. GREAT Neighborhoods purposefully embody the good news of God's love through Jesus. They create opportunities to share this good news through supportive friendships. GREAT Neighborhoods create places of everyday transformation of people and places because of the good news. 

Call to Reconciliation. GREAT Neighborhoods call communities to their need of God’s grace. They create committed and lasting relationships built on and pointing to God’s forgiveness. GREAT Neighborhoods are coordinated venues of reconciliation and healing. 

Celebrating Freedom. GREAT Neighborhoods are tangible expressions of lives unhindered from harmful additions and destructive tendencies. They gather together a community of joyful people set free because of God's great love for them. GREAT Neighborhoods call communities to not find their identity in money, status and material possessions. 

In Community. GREAT Neighborhoods create interdependent communities of supportive and loving relationships. They create tight-knit communities that foster everyday supportive relationships. GREAT Neighborhoods are an expression of the unity of all people through service and love. 

Sharing Hope. GREAT Neighborhoods focus the power of God’s hope for the present. They are a constant reminder of the ultimate hope of God that provides encouragement through the difficult trials of life. GREAT Neighborhoods are designed to be a model of and point to the hope of restoration and wholeness enabled by the good news of Jesus. 

Living Humbly. GREAT Neighborhoods become centers of humble sharing and service grounded in contentment. They are a result of choosing simplicity in possession and humble lifestyles finding true identity in the God's love. GREAT Neighborhoods are a tangible way to promote servanthood for others characterized by humility. 

Generosity To Others. GREAT Neighborhoods encourage generosity with possessions, time and friendships. They provide practical opportunities to show loving and costly sacrifice for those in the community. GREAT Neighborhoods create friendships bound together by the God committed to supporting each other through selfless giving. 

Compassion for the Poor. GREAT Neighborhoods focus on creating everyday ways to show grace and compassion to the poor, reflecting the mercy of the God. They are an intentional way to identify with and be with the weak remembering God's undeserved love. GREAT Neighborhoods find practical ways to care for the physical and spiritual needs of orphans, widows and aliens. 

Just and Equitable Relationships. GREAT Neighborhoods promote righteous relationships among all people. They help to create an equitable distribution of God’s resources and opportunities. GREAT Neighborhoods defend the rights of the most vulnerable who are of utmost concern to God.