What is a GREAT Neighborhood?

A GREAT Neighborhood is a planned residential community that is: 

(G)rassroots: by and for the community.
(R)estorative: seeking wholeness in new life.
(E)cological: stewarding God's creation.
(A)ffordable: inclusive of a wide range of households.
(T)ogether: in mutual support and neighborliness.

GREAT Neighborhoods
 are small neighborhoods of 30-40 homes and a neighborhood community center created by neighbors committed to living in healthy community.   Important features of GREAT Neighborhoods include pedestrian-friendly neighborhood design, extensive shared facilities,  supportive affordable housing, resident participation and leadership, and coordinated community life of outreach and service. GREAT Neighborhoods can be specialized to serve particular needs such as health/home care for the elderly, foster care and adoption families, and other specialized needs populations.

(G)rassroots: by and for the community. - GREAT Neighborhoods are developed by the neighbors to serve each other and the wider community.   In partnership with the wider community, the neighbors work to coordinate the planning, creation and operations of their neighborhood.   These neighbors work together with the intention of fostering strong and healthy relationships among the future residents within that neighborhood and with the wider community of which it is a part.  A key part of GREAT Neighborhood is the neighborhood community center which serves as a facility to meet the needs of the wider community, city, and region by hosting on-site social services and other ministries focused to serve the neighborhood.  These on-site services leverage the grassroots network of supportive relationships of the GREAT Neighborhood to provide more efficient and effective resident services through peer-based delivery.

(R)estorative: seeking wholeness in new life. - GREAT Neighborhoods seek to be places of wholistic peace and total flourishing where neighbors can live and experience life as God intended.  Fully motivated by and relying on the good news of Jesus Christ, neighbors serve to heal and restore the brokenness of the world, one friendship and one neighborhood at a time.  Local ministries and social services work together with the supportive network of neighborhood families and individuals to meet physical and emotional needs of the community and to pointing to the new life found in the good news of Jesus Christ  GREAT Neighborhoods foster good citizens serving the neighbors, regardless of belief or religious background, by proclaiming and demonstrating the new life found in Jesus Christ  and living out these values in community. 

(E)cological: stewarding God's creation. - GREAT Neighborhoods practically express balanced lifestyles that both work and care for God's creation.  Pedestrian-friendly, compact neighborhood design, integrated green building and shared facilities help reduce the ecological impact of people on the environment.  Carpooling, renewable energy systems and local organic food production are neighborhood-scale expressions of protecting and healing God's creation.  Reminding neighbors that they are tenants and stewards of God's creation, GREAT Neighborhoods promote lifestyles that reduce individual consumption and increase the efficient sharing of resources to positively impact the environment.

(A)ffordable: inclusive of a wide range of households. - GREAT Neighborhoods include a variety of housing options for families and individuals at all income levels.  Each neighborhood has homes available for sale and for rent.  Some homes incorporate public or private subsidizes to keep housing costs at an affordable level at low income levels.  Other homes are priced at a market rate level depending on the ability of the resident to pay for the cost of housing.  The neighborhood itself is designed to promote less consumption and more sharing, in order to lower expenses while maintaining a higher quality of life and opportunity.  Because these neighborhoods are mixed-income and mixed-tenure, they promote neighborhood health, safety and stability, while being inclusive of a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds.  GREAT Neighborhoods provide quality housing for families and individuals at all income levels and create socially and economically sustainable supportive neighborhoods.

(T)ogether: in mutual support and neighborliness. A GREAT Neighborhood is about friendships better together.   A GREAT Neighborhood is group of 30-40 families and individual households who have chosen to live in a specific community in mutual support and neighborliness. By living in community, each neighbor benefits from the intentional community that they serve. Everyday events such as commuting to work, running errands, shopping for groceries, drop off and pick up kids from school, are made easier. The neighborhood community center, provides a shared facility for residents to build community to serve each other and their neighbors through neighborhood-wide meals, social events, recreation and living spaces.  A GREAT Neighborhood values community giving, work and life together as a way to develop strong mutually supportive relationships.