ND Ministries Services

ND Ministries provides support to local churches and ministry groups to help them serve the neighborhoods they live in. ND Ministries partners with these local churches and families to support their ministries expressed through GREAT Neighborhoods.

ND Ministries provides project development support with training and process facilitation to ministries led to establish GREAT Neighborhoods. ND Ministries shares best-practice development ideas and connects potential residents and forming groups with each other and with existing GREAT Neighborhoods. ND Ministries is committed to the life principles found in the Bible underlying the GREAT Neighborhood concept and vision.

ND Ministries provides technical assistance through our services in the following specific areas: real estate development, legal, architectural design, construction, real estate finance, asset management and facility management. ND Ministries can help facilitate the development establishing a successful GREAT Neighborhood. ND Ministries is staffed and led by professionals with specialized expertise in each of these areas.